Why is it that when we get less sleep than we should we are so unproductive the next day? I honestly turn into blobby mummy on those days and to be honest with you, those days are way too often now. These past few nights I have had a lot less sleep, waking up at odd hours to go to the loo, then can’t get to sleep. The worst one this week was waking around 1am and not being able to sleep until sometime after 5pm… argh!! How am I supposed to function the next day? Well I do, but I suffer for a few days afterwards. I have been taking melatonin to try and sleep lately, as well as I take magnesium supplements to stop my muscles from twitching at night… The joys of MS I guess.

I’m still co-sleeping with my nearly-three year old. I’m having a hard time encouraging him back to his own bed lately. He enjoys it and some nights I do too, but I really don’t enjoy it when he has a restless night, because that means I have one too. I had to laugh at another ladies blog the other day. She was commenting on how many sleep wear out there mention things like “I love sleeping in” or “Hit the snooze button”. When you are a mum, sleep is a precious commodity and not something to be treated as a joke. Seriously, how many mums out there get enough sleep?! I’m still chuckling because I suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. I mean like since 2014 I have had a hard time sleeping all night. I’m in a constant state of sleepiness – I just have my “I’m not so bad that I can’t drive” vs “I’m that bad I can’t drive”. I’ve had to cancel appointments due to lack of sleep, and my social life has suffered because of it too!

How many other mum’s with MS and without MS understand this?

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