I’m back!

I must be honest with myself! The new year started and I was off and running. Then life took over and I quit, like I do with so many things! BUT saying that I really want this blogging thing to work, so needless to say I’m back! (Not in the Arnie sense, but in the sense that I haven’t forgotten all the promises I made to myself back in January. What has happened in those two months that I went awol? Not much, and so much… I can’t believe a whole school term has nearly gone by! I’ll start with the not so happy things so when I finish this, I will feel a bit better about missing two months of blogging…

Summer is not MS friendly. I have pretty much been a tired hermit hiding inside under my air-con, and the fatigue has been terrible! It’s not just tired, it’s waking up tired, forcing yourself to shower in the morning every day kinda tired… I have had enough of this heat, and it only seems to be abating now. Nearly a whole month into Autumn (or Fall depending where you are from). I haven’t exercised, I have just pretty much spent the last 2 months inside, not doing much at all. Not helpful for losing weight. At least my nails looked great! πŸ˜‰ Sad news, my veggie patch has died, the fruit fly took over with the tomatoes, so I left the rest to them. To be honest we’d rather use the valuable water on the fruit trees. They seem to be doing okay at the moment, so little wonder. Monday’s have been my saviour, with the little guy going to family day care. I don’t think I would have made it this far into the year without it! I’m looking forward to more temperate weather and Autumn/Spring are my favourite times of the year.

I may have mentioned earlier, if I haven’t forgive me, but my husband is a truck driver. He owns a prime mover and trailers that move either grains, fertilizer or hay for local farmers. The last harvest went for over 3 months for him! I hardly see him and I miss him. It didn’t finish until end of January, so we were both hanging out for a family holiday! He is now doing grapes for local growers and the stress is not doing both of us any good. We have decided he won’t do it next year because he has been sitting at home waiting for a call to say go, and because he owns his truck he isn’t earning anything. It is soooo frustrating! Another holiday will be needed after this! I have been losing sleep worrying over it and worried that it will go over the time I need him to take my to see the neurologist for my regular visit. I had an MRI at the new hospital a few weeks ago, and even though I hate having them done, and hate waiting for results, I look forward to a night away. The specialist is 2 1/2 hours away and my appointment is at 10am. It’s a bit early to get a toddler ready in the morning…

I have spent the last month prepping for volunteering for the local library agency as well. They have air conditioners, so I thought it won’t be so bad. Yesterday was my first day, and we worked 2-up until we get used to being on our own there. It’s a beautiful old original building in town that used to be the library (see photo below), so it’s fate that the library agency has returned books toΒ  it’s heart. It was only for 3 hours, and it was extremely quiet. The weather was windy, hot and humid, so I understand why we were quiet. Plus the locals may not all know we are there yet. I enjoyed my first day volunteering, I was working with a retired nun who is so community minded and a lovely lady so the time went very quickly indeed! I even borrowed a book, Blogging for Dummies. I thought I might need it and it has given me the swift kick up the bum I needed to get back into it.

So that is pretty much my last few months, my sister got married, which was a very casual affair as she has 3 kids – 2 in high school. I’m looking forward to starting this again, and talking about things that are near and dear to my heart. I have been working my home business doing nail wraps, and I have since joined a company called SeneGence which make this amazing lip stick/gloss that doesn’t come off for about 18 hours!! I will be doing a few articles on these in the future, and providing tips and suggestions for using these products. I promise I won’t inundate this blog with posts of nails and lipstick πŸ˜‰ I will try to keep to my original plan and post every Monday sometime when my son is in care πŸ˜‰

Finishing this with a few images, one is of the library where I’m volunteering some time, the next is of my son with his beloved chickens (the chook was okay), then of the great powder explosion of 2017, then my motivation for returning to writing.