Why is it that when we get less sleep than we should we are so unproductive the next day? I honestly turn into blobby mummy on those days and to be honest with you, those days are way too often now. These past few nights I have had a lot less sleep, waking up at odd hours to go to the loo, then can’t get to sleep. The worst one this week was waking around 1am and not being able to sleep until sometime after 5pm… argh!! How am I supposed to function the next day? Well I do, but I suffer for a few days afterwards. I have been taking melatonin to try and sleep lately, as well as I take magnesium supplements to stop my muscles from twitching at night… The joys of MS I guess.

I’m still co-sleeping with my nearly-three year old. I’m having a hard time encouraging him back to his own bed lately. He enjoys it and some nights I do too, but I really don’t enjoy it when he has a restless night, because that means I have one too. I had to laugh at another ladies blog the other day. She was commenting on how many sleep wear out there mention things like “I love sleeping in” or “Hit the snooze button”. When you are a mum, sleep is a precious commodity and not something to be treated as a joke. Seriously, how many mums out there get enough sleep?! I’m still chuckling because I suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. I mean like since 2014 I have had a hard time sleeping all night. I’m in a constant state of sleepiness – I just have my “I’m not so bad that I can’t drive” vs “I’m that bad I can’t drive”. I’ve had to cancel appointments due to lack of sleep, and my social life has suffered because of it too!

How many other mum’s with MS and without MS understand this?

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Master Nearly-three and the bath saga.

Life as a mum of a soon-to-be three year old is never lacking of fun, challenges and frustration. As I’m writing this, my husband is trying to bath a screaming toddler. You see, master two has decided not to bath. He screams like the water is acid and begs to be let out. It’s quite distressing to listen to and I have no idea why he doesn’t want to bath all of a sudden. I have tried asking him what has changed, But he is never clear with his answers. I have even turned to googling why a toddler refuses baths. It turns out that this can be a common stage. We tried bubbles, making the bath shorter, less water, colourful tablets in the water, different toys, and not washing his hair as often. Due to the stress,  I stepped away from this blog for 4 days and reassessed my situation at bath time…

After thinking long and hard, reassessing my approach and talking to a professional I decided to approach bath time differently for Master nearly-three. He loves Mickey Mouse, so I trawled through  the internet for an acceptable (free) Mickey rewards chart. I found this one on the Australian Disney website . I made a big deal about how much fun this chart was, and how, as I was cutting out the different characters, he would be able to use his new (blue) glue stick to glue the characters on the chart. The whole reward aspect for him was choosing the character to glue on, so I really made it sound really exciting. He was a little resistant at first and really just wanted to skip the whole bath thing and go straight to the gluing – (my excitement must have been working). He needed a little persuasion, but after a little while, we had him standing in the bath. I thought to myself, “How are we going to get him to sit down? Bath time should be FUN!!”. That was it!! I got a few of his plastic Little People toys and started playing with them, involving him too. He sat down after about 30 seconds. That’s how long it took. My husband was standing there with his mouth open in amazement and I was smiling (and basking) in my victory!

We have since had 4 consecutive bath times with a similar routine now. He LOVES it because I’m interacting with him, he gets a reward at the end, and it is FUN! Now I need to generalise this for bedtime, and toileting and I think I’ll be right 🙂 It is always one thing or another with our son, but in the end, it’s not worth stressing about because we do get there… eventually.